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Remembrance Sunday 2014

Picture submitted by Mark Hornby



November 01, 2014

We went for a walk last night to see the best Halloween house in Holyport. In fact I would say it was the best Halloween house I have ever seen. Here are a few pictures, What do you think ?

Portraits Portraits
Portraits Portraits

September 30, 2014

It is not a new story but I thought I would start this new feature with something that happened earlier on in the year.

PortraitsWe had just got back from a night out in Windsor. Not too late about midnight. We went to bed about 12:30 and I was just going off to sleep
when I heard what I thought was an explosion out the back of the house. Still half asleep I jumped up to look out the back expecting to
see flames. No flames were visible and in my half sleep state I the thought ran through my mind, “the flames have not started yet”, I know
stupid but I was not fully awake.
PortraitsI ran down stairs (after pulling on some joggers and t shirt). I could see lights out the front of the house. When I went out there was
absolute carnage. Not that I have been in a war zone but it was what I would image one to look like with debris strewn all over the garden
and cars smashed up all over the place. The was a body laying on the floor under the back of a friends now demolished car and car on its
side with the engine thrown a further 30 – 40 feet down the road.

Turns out a stolen car had lost control and smashed in to 4 parked cards and telegraph pole my front wall and side fence.

What a mess.


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